Stream or Download the crushing debut album HERE.

Syrym is:
Ron Freschi | Guitars
Jeffrey Winslow | Vocals, Keys
Jamey Pacheco | Drums
Rich Talley | Bass

About the Band
"Brokedown, twisted, but you just can't resist it." That declaration announces the arrival of upstart heavy rock act Syrym, as well as launching the chorus of their song, "Brokedown," a slithering rage against the inner demons that can tear you apart. Syrym's debut album is available for download and streaming on all major online platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many others.

The band's monster grooves harken back to the heavier sound of late-eighties/early-nineties bands like Babylon A.D. and Lynch Mob, combined with the grittiness of more recent hard rock groups like Velvet Revolver.

Formed at the end of 2007 by Babylon A.D. founding member/guitarist Ron Freschi and vocalist Jeffrey Winslow, and featuring the powerhouse rhythm section of Babylon A.D. drummer Jamey Pacheco and bassist Rich Talley, Syrym is a throwback to a time when bone-crushing riffs and huge melodic hooks ruled the day.

Growing up in Hayward, California, Freschi's jazz guitar training soon gave way to the influence of guitar heroes such as Michael Schenker, Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Dave Meniketti, Neil Schon, Warren DiMartini, Nuno Bettencourt, and George Lynch. Freschi was recruited by the Persuaders, who went on to release local rock radio hits such as "I'm No Good For You" and "Don't Ask Questions." The Persuaders eventually caught the ear of Arista Records president Clive Davis, who made them one of the label's few hard rock acts, and the band proceeded to change their name to Babylon A.D. Their self-titled debut album, released in 1989, featured several MTV and Headbanger's Ball hits, including "Bang Go The Bells," "Hammer Swings Down," and "The Kid Goes Wild," which was featured in the film Robocop 2. The band's sophomore effort, Nothing Sacred, was released in 1992. They went on to release several more albums on Perris Records.

Winslow got his start in the Bay Area's rock music scene, performing with bands such as Killer Instinct and Scattergun, but really came into his own as a multi-dimensional vocalist in Santa Barbara, fronting funk-rock quintet Psycho Graffiti, as well as two gospel choirs. Since returning to the Bay Area, Winslow has repeatedly been called upon to provide vocals for studio sessions, has written and performed music for television and radio commercials and, most recently, held down lead vocal duties for East Bay hard rockers Vertigo, 3rd & King, and HazeExperience (featuring original Y&T drummer Leonard Haze).

As a founding member of Babylon A.D., Pacheco has delivered crushing grooves worldwide. His signature percussive sound can be heard on numerous hard rock hits, including MTV and radio singles such as "Bang Go The Bells" from Babylon A.D.'s self-titled debut album, which went Gold.

Rich Talley played guitar for San Francisco Bay Area band Rumors, and is the former bassist for the Megan Slankard Band. Playing lead guitar and bass for over 40 years, Talley has shared the stage with such artists as Tesla and Eric Martin.

With the release of their debut album, Syrym is bringing back the melody and bombast that made the rock music of the eighties and nineties so memorable. They're plotting an invasion of the space between your ears, and they have no intention to leave. So get used to it.

Syrym featured on San Jose Sharks' television broadcast
On Thursday, December 11, 2008, at 7:30 p.m., the opening of the San Jose Sharks versus Anaheim Ducks television broadcast (on Comcast SportsNet) featured the song, "Bring It On (Go Down Fighting)," from the debut album by Syrym. Check out some hard-rocking music and hard-hitting hockey. Go Sharks!

About the Album
Syrym features the incredible guitar work of Babylon A.D. axe-slinger Ron Freschi, the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Rich Talley and Babylon A.D. drummer Jamey Pacheco, and the gritty, soul-infused vocals of Jeffrey Winslow.

The 12-song debut album kicks off with "Foul Mouth Blues," a slithering, angst-ridden, defiant declaration of the end of an abusive relationship.

"Warpath" tackles the topic of cancer from a unique perspective, describing the immune system's rampage through the disease.

"Ugly On The Inside" turns the inner-beauty cliché on its head with lyrics that state, "They only see my disguise, they can't see that I am ugly on the inside."

"Brokedown" relates the tale of someone pushing a friend to get their life together before they end up six feet under.

"What I'm Trying To Say" is a father's emotional attempt to tell his young son that the family's divorce was not caused by anything his son had done.

Recorded at Hatrix Media Studios in Tracy, California, the album was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Freschi.

The complete track listing is as follows:
  1. Foul Mouth Blues
  2. Warpath
  3. Torn In Two
  4. Ugly On The Inside
  5. Brokedown
  6. The Sky Is Falling
  7. 30 & Dirty
  8. While America Sleeps
  9. Alive In The Real World
  10. Bring It On (Go Down Fighting)
  11. What I'm Trying To Say
  12. What I'm Trying To Say (Reprise)