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The debut album from Syrym is available now! Pick up your copy today at CD Baby. The hard-rocking, 12-song CD features guitarist Ron Freschi (formerly of Babylon A.D.), vocalist Jeffrey Winslow, drummer Jamey Pacheco (formerly of Babylon A.D.), and bassist Rich Talley. The album is also available for MP3 download on iTunes, AmazonMP3, Rhapsody, and Napster.

With this effort, Syrym hits the ground running with melodic hard rock reminiscent of the heavier sound of the first Babylon A.D. release.

Check out the band bio, samples and video from the debut album, Syrym shirts and merchandise, and much more. And keep up with the latest Syrym news on the band blog, truthSYRYM.

Album Reviews
Click here to read the latest reviews of Syrym's self-titled debut.

New Interviews with Ron Freschi and Jeffrey Winslow of Syrym Posted on
Australian-based hard rock website has posted brand new interviews with Syrym guitarist Ron Freschi and vocalist Jeffrey Winslow.

Freschi talks about his time with The Persuaders/Babylon A.D. and the debut Syrym album, as well as his experiences in the studio and his plans for the future. You can read the whole interview HERE.

Winslow discusses Syrym, the bands he has been in over the years, and other music projects he has been working on. The complete interview with Winslow can be found HERE.

Video Now Available On YouTube
Oakland, California—July 14, 2009—Melodic hard rock band Syrym ( today released their first music video, for the song "Ugly On The Inside." The song has become a popular download on iTunes, and the video is available for viewing on YouTube's Syrym Channel at

"Ugly On The Inside" deals with the issues of depression and self-esteem, and turns the inner-beauty cliché on its head with lyrics that state, "They only see my disguise, they can't see that I am ugly on the inside."

Syrym features two members of the rock group Babylon A.D., guitarist Ron Freschi and drummer Jamey Pacheco, along with vocalist Jeffrey Winslow and bassist Rich Talley. Their debut album is available on iTunes (, Amazon (, CD Baby (, and many other online music retailers.

The video was directed by Tony Williams of Music Star Productions (, and features actress and model Anjulia (

For more information, or to hear samples of all the songs from Syrym's self-titled debut album, visit

Fans Choose Unsigned Rockers From Impressive Field In Readers' Poll
Oakland, California—January 14, 2009—In a surprise as big as their debut album, unsigned melodic hard rock band Syrym ( was today named Best New Band of 2008 in the Readers' Poll. The band, buoyed by enthusiastic reviews and heavy online radio airplay, received the nod over an impressive field of rock groups making their mark in 2008. Fans from all over the world were able to vote in the two-week poll, which ended January 3, 2009.

Competition was fierce from bands such as Airbourne, Pop Evil, Million Dollar Reload, Saints of the Underground, Jaded Sun, and Badmouth, with the final few days becoming a battle between Irish rockers Jaded Sun and California hard rock act, Syrym.

Syrym features the heavy riffing and soaring solos of guitar hero Ron Freschi (Babylon A.D.); the raw, soulful vocals of Jeffrey Winslow; Jamey Pacheco (Babylon A.D.) pounding the drums; and Rich Talley laying the foundation on bass.

The sound of Syrym's 12-song, self-titled debut is a cross between the late eighties/early nineties rock of artists such as Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Lynch Mob, and Babylon A.D., and the modern hard rock of bands like Velvet Revolver. The album is available on CD at,,,, and other online retailers, as well as for digital download on iTunes,, Rhapsody, Napster, and Shockhound.

"Bring It On (Go Down Fighting)," one of the tracks on the new CD, was recently featured during the television broadcast of a hockey game between the San Jose Sharks and Anaheim Ducks.

Freschi, who is responsible for the memorable guitar work on Babylon A.D. songs including "Bang Go The Bells," produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the album at Hatrix Media Studios ( in Tracy, California.

For more information, or to hear samples of all the songs from Syrym's self-titled debut album, visit

"What I'm Trying To Say" a hit on online radio
AmpedFM Hits is now featuring the Syrym ballad, "What I'm Trying To Say," in regular rotation, alongside current hits from Linkin Park, Chris Brown, T-Pain, Nickelback, and Beyoncé. Keep this future hit headed toward the charts by sending your requests for "Syrym - What I'm Trying To Say" to Also, our entire debut album is now available for request on AmpedFM Rock at

Syrym featured on San Jose Sharks’ television broadcast
On Thursday, December 11, at 7:30 p.m., the opening of the San Jose Sharks versus Anaheim Ducks television broadcast (on Comcast SportsNet) featured the song, “Bring It On (Go Down Fighting),” from the new album by Syrym. Check out some hard-rocking music and hard-hitting hockey. Go Sharks!

CONTEST: Win an autographed Syrym CD!
Radio station Amped FM Rock (on iTunes radio or at is running a contest throughout the month of December. Just listen and win!

Click here to listen to the radio commercial

Here are the details, direct from
"Amped FM Rock & Syrym are about to give you the chance to win an autographed CD from Syrym. This contest will run through the month of December. You may enter as often as you like. We allow 1 CD per contest winner. We will have a total of 15 autographed CDs. The Syrym CD contest will require you to search the official Syrym website for information. Amped FM will provide you with a question. The answer can be found on Syrym's offical website. We will also give away some of these CDs on the "Metal with an Edge" show. To win, you simply have to be the correct caller. We will keep you updated. No specific age limits for this contest."

Syrym News: Artist of the Week, Album of the Week, Added to Radio Worldwide
Syrym is featured on as the Artist of the Week, November 24-30. The site is offering the debut Syrym album for sale this week only.

London-based ARfm showcased Syrym as its Album of the Week on the Steve Price show, and has now added Syrym to its regular rotation.

Here are a few of the radio stations on which Syrym has been added to the rotation:

SYRYM UNLEASHES MONSTER ON THE MASSES | Explosive Debut CD Sure To Arouse Passions Of Hard Rock Fans
Oakland, California—October 17, 2008—Melodic hard rock band Syrym today unleashed its monster debut. The self-titled album will initially be available on CD at, as well as for digital download on iTunes,, Rhapsody, and Napster. Syrym features the incredible guitar work of Babylon A.D. axe-slinger Ron Freschi, the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Rich Talley and Babylon A.D. drummer Jamey Pacheco, and the gritty, soul-infused vocals of Jeffrey Winslow, and the music is tailor-made for rock radio, live venues, and blowing out stereo speakers everywhere.

The late Eighties and early Nineties provided a showcase for the catchy hard rock and hair metal of bands such as Mötley Crüe, Ratt, Lynch Mob, and Babylon A.D. In 2008, Syrym has picked up that torch and run with it, delivering big hooks and even bigger riffs-all with the groove and swagger of those aforementioned bands.

The 12-song debut album kicks off with "Foul Mouth Blues," a slithering, angst-ridden, defiant declaration of the end of an abusive relationship. A demo version of the song, featured on, received honors in the Hard Rock category for Best Male Vocals, Best Guitars, Best Drums, Best Bass, Best Production, Best Lyrics, Best Beat, and Most Rocking Track.

"Warpath" tackles the topic of cancer from a unique perspective, describing the immune system's rampage through the disease.

"Ugly On The Inside" turns the inner-beauty cliché on its head with lyrics that state, "They only see my disguise, they can't see that I am ugly on the inside."

"Brokedown" relates the tale of someone pushing a friend to get their life together before they end up six feet under.

"What I'm Trying To Say" is a father's emotional attempt to tell his young son that the family's divorce was not caused by anything his son had done.

Recorded at Hatrix Media Studios in Tracy, California, the album was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Freschi.

The complete track listing is as follows:
  1. Foul Mouth Blues
  2. Warpath
  3. Torn In Two
  4. Ugly On The Inside
  5. Brokedown
  6. The Sky Is Falling
  7. 30 & Dirty
  8. While America Sleeps
  9. Alive In The Real World
  10. Bring It On (Go Down Fighting)
  11. What I'm Trying To Say
  12. What I'm Trying To Say (Reprise)

Syrym rounds out lineup with powerhouse rhythm section
Syrym is excited to announce the additions of drummer Jamey Pacheco (Babylon A.D., American Blues Box) and bassist Rich Talley (Rumors, The Megan Slankard Band). The first song showcasing this powerhouse rhythm section, "Foul Mouth Blues," can be heard at The fiery debut album from Syrym—featuring Ron Freschi, Jeffrey Winslow, Jamey Pacheco, and Rich Talley—will be released in August.

As a founding member of Babylon A.D., drummer Jamey Pacheco has delivered crushing grooves worldwide. His signature percussive sound can be heard on numerous hard rock hits, including MTV and radio singles such as "Bang Go The Bells" from Babylon A.D.'s self-titled debut album, which went Gold.

Rich Talley currently plays guitar for San Francisco Bay Area band Rumors, and is the former bassist for the Megan Slankard Band. Playing lead guitar and bass for over 30 years, Talley has shared the stage with such artists as Tesla and Eric Martin.

The pre-release version of Syrym's first single, "Warpath," is currently available for download on iTunes and

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FOUL MOUTH EARNS RAVE REVIEWS | Bay Area Rockers Syrym Receive Eight Awards, Song Selected Track Of The Day On
Oakland, California—May 16, 2008—Bay Area rock band Syrym, winners of eight awards on, have had their song, “Foul Mouth Blues,” selected as the indie music website’s Hard Rock Track of the Day for May 17, 2008. Track of the Day winners are selected based on reviews by musicians and music fans, with the best-reviewed song on a particular day receiving the nod. The band and song are then featured on a subsequent day.

The band also received honors in the Hard Rock category for Best Male Vocals, Best Guitars, Best Drums, Best Bass, Best Production, Best Lyrics, Best Beat, and Most Rocking Track.

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What fans are saying:
"Your new band kicks ass. Shredding guitar player."

"I have been listening to your music and it sounds so good! Passionate and tight!"

"You guys f***ing rock!"

"As one of the first to hear the new tunes, let me just say the hair is still standing TALL on the back of my neck! The grooves, strong thick vocals, dark harmonies, tasty killer leads... man I've been waiting for an ass kickn' like this for a long time! Thank you boys for bringing back the good stuff!"

"DUDE!!! That's what I'm talkin' about!!!!! Very cool. Love the sound!"

"Freschi is a gorilla on the guitar with ridiculously good tone and killer vibrato."

"I've already started telling my friends."

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